Coach Mike Dolce is known worldwide for transforming his athletes into the planet’s most impressive physical specimens. How does he do it? With not much more than you have right there in that tiny dorm room! His guerrilla style hotel-room cooking and jet-setting training regimen keep the most elite athletes in the world in peak condition all leading up to the biggest battle of their lives! Now Mike is here to coach YOU through the biggest fight of YOUR life! COLLEGE!
In The Dolce Diet: College Diet Guide Mike spills his best-kept secrets for eating well and exercising with limited options. And guess what? It’s all SO EASY!

No gym? No problem!
No kitchen? No sweat!

This book includes:
-Dorm-friendly, inexpensive recipes!
-How to break bad habits and create good habits!
-’Dolce Approved’ Grocery list!
-How to set goals and stick to them!
-Kitchenware & Equipment guides!
-How to deal with negative people!
-Mike’s indoor, space-conscious workouts!
-How to never be hungry while in class!
-Mike’s favorite outdoor & gym training routines!
-How to fuel your brain & body for the big exam!
-Personal stories from college students just like you!
-How to handle peer pressure!
-And more!

The Dolce Diet: College Diet Guide will also teach you how to avoid the oh-so-common pitfalls of unhealthy campus living, from the snail-trail slime of the cafeteria’s Alfredo sauce to your 2am vending machine snack attack! Don’t worry! Mike’s got you covered! Now get to class!

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